Electronic bee venom collector

A device developed by Greek experts, in collaboration with professional apiculturists, for easy use and maximum efficiency.

The device, designed to fit the frames’ dimensions, is placed inside the hive to collect venom, in the cleanest possible form, relieved from environmental dust, foreign bodies as well as from great quantity of pollen, which has been observed in the case of other equipment that are placed at the exterior of the hive.

It is autonomous, without external cables or devices, powered by two batteries AA and operates for long amount of time (depending also on the use of the product).

It has dual/double active facets that increase its capacity to perform like two distinct devices that gather, at the same time, greater quantities of product.

The device disposes two slots: the first one, for the electronic circuits, should remain closed to avoid damage. The second one is for the batteries, which are easily replaced. On the top of the device, there is a switch to on/off the equipment, as well as a LED-tube signaling the operation

The device is available with one-year guarantee, starting from the purchase date, for the electronic part provided that it has not been opened. The guarantee does not include damage caused by breaking, liquid, or bad use in general.


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